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Finding out that being vegan can taste good.

In 2017 as my new years resolution I decided to start my journey with being vegetarian. 1 month passed and that turned into 6 months before I knew it a year had passed and I was still vegetarian.

In 2018 my new years resolution I decided to them start my journey being vegan. I still follow this lifestyle. I have my small cheat days (we all do though).

I wanted to make vegan apart of my passion, which is baking. I knew it would be a hard thing to achieve at first. From having friends who were vegan I knew it was possible.

I remember my first recipe I choose to make for a market that would be vegan. I had to first research what ingredents to buy on this shopping trip. It turned out to be a successful trip luckily my Shaw's supermarket had all the vegan ingredients I needed to get! Now it was time to bake.

So there I was, standing in the kitchen with my flax egg, soy milk and vegan butter. Following all the steps to the brownie recipe I choose to make. I poured all ingredients carefully and accurately into my bowl. To my surprise it looked exactly like brownie batter. I then took my batter and poured it into the pan and baked it. I waited anxiously for the timer to ding. Thinking this is going to be a disaster.

Finally after 30 minutes my brownies were done. I took them out to cool and then I cut into the brownies. Realizing as I cut into the brownies they seemed fudgy and moist like a regular brownie. But the ultimate test would have to be the tasting. Taking the first bite I didn't know what to expect. But much too my surprise they tasted exactly like a regular brownie. I had to share this concoction as I like to call it, with my friend and family to make sure it really did stand up to a non-vegan brownie. Everyone I shared it with either couldn't tell it was vegan or mistaked it for a regular brownie.

It was at that point I decided to continue baking vegan. I already knew a lot of my customers would be happy since I had already been getting requests for vegan options. Since then I have made muffins, cakes, cupcakes, bread, cookies and pastries all vegan. I want to show people that being vegan can taste good too!

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