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How to become a vendor at a farmers market.

I'm gonna share with you my experience with becoming a vendor at a farmers market.

When I started out I thought it would be an easy task. But I've learned a lot along my way.

  1. Figure out what it is you would like to sell. It is important to find a product that you enjoy and have a passion for. You also want a product that will not be in competition with others at the market. I had a hard time with this starting out. I first began selling baked good and slowly realised there were so many bakers and I wasn't standing out. So I switched products to baking mixes which not a lot of people seem to sell.

  2. Next after you decide what it is you are going to sell you need to talk with your local board of health and see if you can work from your house. For all food products you need commercial space. I'm going by laws in Massachusetts because its where I live. Your state might br different so check first with board of health.

  3. Once you've obtained a space to work out of you then its on to permits. So in the town the market is being held you might need a food permit to sell food. If you are selling other goods you are most likely able to sell with out a permit. These permits can be obtained from the board of health. You may also need to get a business licence. Which you get through the town you make your product in.

  4. This is important and most markets want you to have libality insurance. If you are selling a food product I recommend FLIP food libality insurance program. I pay 299.00 for the year and have been told by other vendors that's the best price they've seen.

  5. Next you wanna email the different markets you'd like to atrend. If you are a fit for a market they will send you an application and maybe ask to sample your products.

  6. Finally once you are accepted into a market you'll begin buying supplies. You will need a tent and tent weights. A table, table cloth and chairs. A sign with your logo on it and business name. Some business cards and a really good cash box with a lock on it.

  7. Some things you want to take into consideration, if you are at an out door market you want to make products that will with stand the weather. Also listen to what your costumers want. With me it's been gluten free so I try to have at least 1 gluten free option.

  8. Finally enjoy and have fun. Don't stress to much. It's a lot of work but the outcome is rewarding.

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