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Is vegan gluten free?

I have been getting asked a lot lately this question "is vegan gluten free?" The answer is simple and that would be No. Being vegan and being gluten free are to different things.

Being vegan means not using consuming or buying any animal products. That can be anywhere from meat and seafood to honey and wool. You can Google search all the products that are vegan and are not vegan you might be surprised.

Gluten free is different. There are two types of gluten free. First is the most common these days and that's the intolerance to gluten. So people who have an intolerance aren't nessessrly allergic to gluten. Maybe it's their life style that they don't want gluten in their diets. It could also be that it makes them sick but not an allergic reaction. The second type is Celiac disease. People who have Celiac disease can not have any gluten or they get an allergic reaction. Some people with Celiac disease can't eat food that has been around any gluten.

What is gluten? Gluten is found in flour. With my business Sarah's Tasty Treats when I make my baking mixes I use an all purpose flour. Some times when I bake I will use a gluten free flour but I can't market any of my products as gluten free. I can't do this because I work out of a commercial kitchen that is rented by other bakers and chefs that may use flour that isn't gluten free. Even though I sanitize the kitchen before I bake the person before me could have just used flour and the the gluten could be in the air still.

If I market anything gluten free and someone with Celiac disease eats the product they could become very sick. That's why if I bake with gluten free flour I say gluten sensitive or friendly.

In conclusion gluten free has to do with the flour being used and vegan is no animal products being used bought or consumed.

If you stop by any of my markets I would be happy to answer any questions you may have.

*** Peace love baking vegan***

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